June 13, 2024


I drove to Reno this morning to meet Nico for breakfast. We had a delicious meal at Peg’s (waffles for Nico, corned beef hash for me) and caught up on recent events. And then we had a few bites of chocolate cream pie. A great way to start the day!

I wound around Reno for errands and groceries, and then pointed Goose south on Hwy 395. It was a beautiful day for a drive, and I stopped for ice cream, and bacon (separate stops).

The vanilla cone at Walker Burger
395 South
Clouds over the Sierra

Pulled into Lone Pine around 5:30 and got settled in my bunk. Walking around town, I was treated to expansive views of Mt Whitney, and it finally cooled down a bit (to 84°!!).

Six bunks, all to myself
The view from the hostel porch

There was a group of kids outside on the sidewalk who shrieked with joy each time a trucker honked their horn for them. There they were, pumping their arms furiously in the international ‘truck horn’ symbol… and quite a number of trucks obliged! They made so many adults smile, too 🙂 It was a bit magical, really.

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