May 20, 2024

“The more things you have, the more things you have to manage.

Simplicity isn’t merely cheaper, it’s easier.” ~ James Clear

Trees outside the co-working coffee shop

As a person who has added a significant amount of ‘stuff’ to her life in the past six months, this resonates strongly with me. Now that I have more room, I have more stuff. Don’t get me wrong – I love most of my stuff. Having my pictures on the walls, my Fiestaware within easy reach, and a sewing station brings me a great amount of joy.

However, I am constantly shuffling things around. I’ll grab my glasses and then forget which cubby I put them in. I will bring in my hiking gear, then find a ‘better’ spot to hang it, and then spend half an afternoon building a new storage system.

It’s not just the physical objects, but work obligations and social events, too. Even though it’s all good stuff (ok, 80/20), it’s feeling a bit overwhelming lately. It may be time to dial things back a bit, and regain focus on what is most important.

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