March 20, 2024

Look who came back!

She came in on the back of a flat bed tow truck last night. Apparently, the engine stuttering and lack of power was NOT fixed by replacing the head gasket. Her new owner shipped her up to Nick, who’s going to replace some other part. Fingers are crossed.

I had a range of emotions that I frankly wasn’t expecting. It felt a little like running into an ex in the supermarket – good to know they’re still running, but maybe some of the issues you had weren’t all your fault after all. It looks like Aaron is taking care of her – he upgraded the stereo and speakers, added an aftermarket touch screen to the dash, struts, carpeting. I am sure she appreciates the love.

And I am glad that I was able to move on. I love my new truck, and am happy with my decision. I wasn’t able to give Maybellene the love and care (and parts) she needed to run her best, and we always would have struggled together. Letting her go allowed someone with the time and resources to take her on. And I think everyone’s the better for it. Fingers are crossed.

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