March 3, 2024

This scene was playing out in driveways all around Lake Tahoe this morning.
When your friend has to do chores before she can go out and play, you pitch in.
The roads were snowy, of course, but passable… especially in my NEW AWESOME TRUCK.
Waiting in line like it was Disneyland. The level of excitement from those of us going up for the first time was palpable. The pure, unadulterated JOY on the faces of those coming down the slope to get back in line for another run was absolutely beautiful.
OMG so FUN. There was so much snow, and although there were a ton of people on the mountain, there was plenty of room to maneuver around them. We found some lovely, smooth runs, and a ton of challenging but really just-right terrain between the trees.
Our next-to-last chair of the day.
Our last chair of the day.
That Snowboarding Smileβ„’

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