March 2, 2024

Today was a real “Little House on Gardner Mountain” kind of day. The snow kept coming all day, and I was not in a hurry to muck around on the roads. So I spent the day sewing, cooking, shoveling, and ok, a little TV and laptop time.

French toast, coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice. #selfcare
The snow reached my doorsill!
More snow on the trucks!
Yep, still snowing.
Snowy afternoon neighborhood walk. I was the only one out without a dog or a snowblower.
After feeling the draft coming through under the door, I decided to make a draft dodger out of some flannel I hadn’t found a project for and stuffed it with old clothes. It works perfectly.
Patched the jacket I tore last week, and added quilt batting to two stitch samplers I completed a while ago to make placemats.
Sure, that bias tape binding is a bit wonky. But it’s done. And it actually works as a bookmark, so SUCCESS!

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