February 15, 2024

I had a super fun day at my old stomping grounds – Mt Rose!

Nico and I planned to meet in the afternoon, but I took advantage of Thursdays being “Ladies Day” and joined the morning clinic. It was fun to catch up with the instructors I used to teach with, and also to get some good feedback on my riding.

Looking out at the main base of Mt Rose from the deck of the lodge.

Nico and I slayed some super fun, challenging, snowy lines. Our last two runs brought us through the trees above the Chutes, to glide down untracked runs back to the lodge. Simply amazing.

Looking towards Reno from the top of the Northwest Lift
Looking down at the newer Lakeview Lift
I can’t remember which run this was, but I do know we hit some bumps on the slope and then headed off to the right for some sweet tree maneuvers.

So great. So grateful ❤️

2 thoughts on “February 15, 2024

  1. So jealous! Thank you for sharing all this beauty and your magic– I can feel the enthusiasm and the thrill, and it is just so yummy! I also super loved seeing Brighton–ir’s been a while for me–and sharing your Utah adventures. (Intended to comment at the time but have been crushed with work). This is all such a gift!

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