February 9, 2024

Day 2: Solitude and Brighton Resorts. We started at Solitude, and had a blast in foot-deep fluffy powder. It kept snowing all morning, limiting visibility but not our stoke.

Looking out at the fresh snow this morning
That Snowboard Smile β„’
The birch trees at Solitude
Silly kids
We did not go up there. Lots of other places, though.

Then we took the afternoon bus back up to Brighton. We all did a few runs together, and then the men headed down while Elaine and I did a few more tree runs and rode all the way back to the front door. All in all, 17 runs, 9 different chairlifts, 16,000+ vertical feet, 2 orders of fried cheese curds, and sooooo many delightful tours between the trees. Best day ever. Again.

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