January 5, 2024

My longest drive day in a looong time – 16 hours, door to door. I wanted to beat the snow storm that’s forecasted to hit Tahoe on Saturday, but in the name of safety, I was prepared to stop along the way if I needed to rest. As it turned out, a good audiobook and a few cokes kept me going and I drove straight through.

Today’s journey begins in Montrose, Colorado
Breakfast of champions. Ok, maybe not champions, but it’s damn tasty.
Pretty spectacular views
Into the canyon…
… where the weather began to turn.
Stopped for gas and another burrito. This was not as tasty as the breakfast version.
Driving away from Salt Lake City
The skies kept getting clearer…
Welcome to the Bonneville Salt Flats
Looking out over the salt flats

I made it home safe and sound, and well ahead of the storm. 🎉🛻

2 thoughts on “January 5, 2024

  1. I suppose the fact that the second burrito was “beefy cheese” instead of “cheesy beef” was maybe a clue? But more importantly, super enjoyed those shots of the high dessert and riding along with you a bit!

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