October 30, 2023

“Many people view their habits and routines as obstacles or, at the very least, obligations to get through. Making the morning coffee, driving your kids to the next activity, preparing the next meal—we often see our routines as chores to be completed.

But these are not moments to be dismissed. They are life. Making coffee can be a peaceful ritual—perhaps even a fulfilling one—if done with care rather than rushed to completion. It’s about the amount of attention you devote to these simple moments, and whether you choose to appreciate them or bulldoze through them on the way to the next task.

Find the beauty and joy in your daily rituals and you will find beauty and joy in your daily life. To love your habits is to love your days, and to love your days is to love your life.” – James Clear

While it turned into a day of fits and starts, today did begin rather well: Morning coffee and a chilly morning dog walk in the woods.

I found a rock!
More petting, please!
I had their undivided attention. Well, the jerky did, but I was holding it, so the credit is mine.

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