August 10, 2023

I had super duper plans tonight, and I cancelled them. I was feeling anxious about a work project, and I realized that if I had kept my plans, I would have remained anxious, and in all likelihood been super weird and tense and all up in my head. And that’s not how I want to be – especially around other people. I want to be cool, and fun, and laidback, and today I was absolutely NONE of those things until I took a solid self-care break.

And today’s self-care looked like:

  • Having the uncomfortable conversation about cancelling plans WITH the person I had said plans with.
  • Getting my work project to a solid stopping point in preparation for a client meeting tomorrow. I feel very good about the design I created, and the 42 loose ends I tied up.
  • Talking with a friend.
  • Unpacking my new standup paddle board in preparation for launch.
  • Going down to the lake, realizing it was pretty choppy, and going for a swim instead.
  • Picking up a 5 gallon bucket of trash from the beach.
  • Grocery shopping instead of going to the bar.
  • Making myself dinner.
  • Showering. Including washing my hair.
  • Sitting down to Good Omens Season 2 with pistachio ice cream.
  • Going to bed early.

Usually one or two of these acts of self-kindness does the trick, and allows me to shift my mindset. Today, I needed a bit more, and I am glad I was able to see that before I crashed.

Neighborhood flowers on my morning walk
I suppose if I was a better paddle boarder, I would have taken her out in the 12” swells. Alas, I settled for a swim.
She’s pretty, and lightweight, and maybe her maiden voyage will be tomorrow morning while the water’s calm.
Breakfast for Dinner: Scrambled eggs with goat cheese and English muffins

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