July 15, 2023

Emmie and I had a lovely, low-key day. Morning walk and work, followed by a siesta in the shade at the park.

This tree threw hella nice shade
We were good until the tennis court was occupied. Who plays tennis in 94 degrees?

There’s a certain time of day when the temperature shifts in the house, from cool and cave-like to warm and stuffy. We hung out as long as we (I) could, but around 6, we hopped in the car and took off to the coast. This was the correct move. The temperature was perfect, with just the right amount of sea breeze. There were not nearly as many people as I’d feared, and we rolled right down to the beach.

Love this spot. So easy. So dog-friendly.
Rocks and water. It’s kinda my thing.
Snoozing in the car while I picked up trash (also kinda my thing).
We hung out – Emmie snoozing, me reading – for about an hour. Then we started to make our way home.
But first, sunset. Super picturesque, and also with seals cavorting below.
Where the Russian River meets the ocean
Looking back up the river

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