July 12, 2023

I had a difficult work morning, so I took a nice long mental health walk this afternoon. I went down to CVS, and then over to the Windsor Town Green and window shopped a bit.

Veggies and flowers and herbs, oh my!

I made it around to Oliver’s grocery store (a lovely, fancy-pants grocery, a la Lunardi’s). I picked up a few spices, French English muffins (really? really.), and a pre-seasoned 8oz cut of beef from the butcher counter. Then I loaded up my backpack, and hopped on a Bird scooter back home.

I picked up Emmie and we drove down to Santa Rosa for quick stops at Barnes & Noble and Costco. This seems to be her preferred seating position – sitting on the passenger seat, chin resting on my forearm, gradually increasing pressure until my fingers start to tingle…
Interesting architecture outside and a comfortably overwhelming amount of books inside.
The steak I purchased and the Brussels sprouts I had on hand. Not pictured: the pint of Häagen-Dazs Coffee Chip ice cream I absolutely demolished in one sitting.

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