July 11, 2023

This afternoon’s adventure was an outing over at Riverfront Regional Park, a few minutes away in Healdsburg.

Lake Wilson
I was a little bummed to see this sign, but Emmie can’t read, so she ignored it entirely.
Emmie swimming in Lake Benoist
She looked like a little blonde alligator cruising around the bushes.
Well-maintained trails and picnic grounds
Tall trees. Like, really tall trees.

Being surrounded by trees is such a powerful sensory experience. I love the smells of a forest — trees, dust, flowers, critters, etc — and it probably goes without saying that different forests have different smells. This forest smelled familiar, and I was brought back to trail running in the East Bay, and it was comforting to have a lab ambling alongside. Even though she stepped in the grossest mud right before we got back to the car.

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