March 19, 2023

This weekend I found myself on an unanticipated nostalgia trip. I ended up in familiar places with a new friend, including lunch at a local brunch spot and a drive-by of my favorite dog park. And I received digital postcards from old friends, who are on their latest visit to a familiar faraway place.

Driving through Washoe Valley

I’ve been questioning a lot lately, and I’m continually discovering that if I give myself the soft space that I’ve asked others for for so long, I find my answers. Pausing, not beating myself up, and letting an answer bubble up through my brain is yielding some pretty tough truths.

It’s led me back to the comfort of the couch, with a cup of tea, a tasty pot of corned beef, and a snuggly Austin on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I’m having friends over for dinner and a movie, and I’ll keep on giving myself the space I need to ask the questions I need to answer.

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