March 9, 2023

Today was a lovely morning for a snowboard session before the latest humongous wet storm rolls through and turns the mountain into a big pile of Sierra cement. Excellent company, fun terrain, and not a TON of other people — just enough other people to encourage us to get off the groomed runs…

I tried out a new (to me) snowboard today, also — a Gnu Gloss. It’s shorter than my all-mountain Salomon Ivy (148cm vs 157cm!), and noticeably lighter and more nimble – especially in the trees. She also has more “pop” which made hopping around quite a bit easier. I took a few fast turns and dipped into powder stashes to figure out where the edges were, but once I felt I could trust her, I had a blast. She’s a lovely mid-season substitution for the recently stolen Burton Fish (sigh).

And just in case you thought the news reports were exaggerating (I mean, they are, a bit)…

I think I’m just gonna stay inside and listen to the rain tomorrow.

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