February 26, 2023

If 2022 was about finding myself and discovering that I could create a new life on my own terms, 2023 has me really questioning my choices so far.

It seems to be time for another blow-up of my best laid plans… travel to Wyoming looks to be derailed again, and I have a growing handful of unanticipated expenses that means I need to shake up my work schedule. I’m trying to take it all in stride, and be open to what could be coming that’s even better than what I had planned.

Being present for all the highs seems to mean being present for all the lows as well. It’s a hell of a roller coaster…

Breakfast this morning: French toast, eggs, and veggie sausage
Driving through Washoe Valley on old 395
Meet Sunny. She’s my latest charge, and she is super snuggly.
Finally cracked this one open — quite tasty!
Dinner salad — mixed greens, avocado, feta cheese, and strawberry sriracha lime dressing.

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