February 25, 2023

What a day.

We drove 4 hours from Reno (generally takes and hour) to be turned away from the last official parking lot at Palisades. Spoiler alert: we did eventually find parking near Olympic Village.
We kept the car travel theme going by taking the new gondola over to Alpine.
The views from the gondola were pretty amazing.
Looking down at Alpine, from looker’s right of Roundabout Chair. Summit Chair was closed due to wind, so there was still a whole lotta powder to be had for those willing to hike a bit.
Through the trees off Treeline Cirque. So. Much. Fun.
Back over on the Palisades side, coming down from KT-22. Visibility was getting worse at this point, and we were starting to think about wrapping up the snowboarding portion of the day.
It was a fuzzy kind of run, apparently…

Aaannnddd… I ran into a skier. To be fair, he stopped right in front of me, but to be clear, I understand that downhill skiers always have the right of way, and it’s my responsibility to steer clear of them regardless. I smacked my face right into his chest, and my nose ring took the brunt of the impact – it’s still sore the next morning.

But we were both OK enough to continue, and I don’t know what his version of the story is, but I’m pretty sure it starts with, “this damn snowboarder…”

FIS World Cup Race. Perfect for watching on the big screen, even though the race course was right THERE.
Noah Kahan sound check with Miki and Ido. So much fun 🙂 This was the real reason I braved Palisades crowds in a Saturday – to see Noah play live. So worth it.
Noah Kahan for real. Such an amazing show! Great sound, engaged crowd, and it was gently snowing. The crowd singing along brought me right to church, and I could not have been happier in this moment.

Aaannnddd… then my snowboard went missing. I am bummed, and have filed a report with security, and Miki has gone back up today and will check lost and found for me. But I am also now looking to buy new bindings, and alternating between feeling grateful that it wasn’t my primary board, and sheepish that I was so naive to leave it unattended.

But all things considered, it was a fabulous adventure day, with great snow, great music, and great new friends.

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