February 6, 2023

Writer Jeanette Winterson on the process of life:

“We live in a society that peddles solutions, whether it’s solutions to those extra pounds you’re carrying, or to your thinning hair, or to your loss of appetite, loss of love. We are always looking for solutions, but actually what we are engaged in is a process throughout life during which you never get it right. You have to keep being open, you have to keep moving forward. You have to keep finding out who you are and how you are changing, and only that makes life tolerable.”

I’ll admit it. Some days I am tired, and I just want a solution – a pill, a potion, a magic wand.

Lately, I’ve felt stuck and swirling in a pretty dark place, and I had the thought that I want something to be wrong with me, so that I have something to fix. But fundamentally, I don’t really believe that there is anything wrong with me anymore.

I am me.

Just me.

All me.

Imperfect, sure, and definitely a work in progress.

But ME.

And there is no “fix” for being me.

I have to lean into actually being me — and not anyone else — with acceptance, self-compassion, confidence, and love.

No small feat, I tell you that. But I’ll keep showing up. And trying.

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