January 9, 2023

Meet Caesar. He’s affectionate, and rules over the household with a heavy paw.
New glasses. This is what self-care looks like these days.

So, the other day, I sat on my glasses. It was the second time in less than a year that I’d done that, in EXACTLY the same manner. Needless to say, I tried to make it work. I ordered a pair online, but they won’t get here for a week or so. I bent the broken frame back into shape (almost… well, ok, not really). I wore my contacts with a pair of readers (my eyes were so confused). I squinted. A lot.

Anyhoo, this morning I sat at my desk and looked at my computer screen through the contacts/readers setup, and I just couldn’t. So I called my eye doctor here in town, and they recommended Eyemart Express for a quick replacement (otherwise, it could take up to two weeks!). I drove down to the valley, and three hours later, I walked out with two pairs of prescription glasses, for cheap. It’s amazing.

I’m glad I was able to figure out what I really needed, and to give myself permission to take care of it today. And that the new glasses were pretty inexpensive. Because I will probably sit on at least one of these frames sometime in the next few months. Probably.

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