November 2, 2022

Another snowy day, another comfort food. This time, it’s Pumpkin Mac n Cheese. This bakes up pretty easy and delicious, and I am so glad that my friend Jessica shared it with me last year. It’s cheesy, pumpkin-y, sage-y goodness, topped with breadcrumbs, Parmesan, and walnuts. Seriously delicious.

I’ve been struggling with a software issue for more than a week. I reached out to their support team, and have not been able to get any kind of assistance. It’s software that otherwise has been easy to use, and to integrate into my invoicing and payment system. It’s pretty integral to my business, and I’ve felt totally frustrated and it’s been a huge time suck trying to troubleshoot the problem.

Today, as I am venting about it with my therapist, I come up with this: No matter how much I like a system, or how much I’ve invested in it, if I can’t get the support I need, it’s not a good system for me.

I’ll be using this thinking as I reevaluate a few other systems I’ve set up lately, and see if I can’t create a little more support for myself across the board.

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