October 26, 2022

A solid work and community day, with a lovely evening walk in the meadow.

There’s a big brown bear in this photo. I’m grateful we were able to see it, and from a comfortable distance.
Steak Oscar with butternut squash. Delicious.

Q. Do you distance when you get sad?

Yes. Always. Every time.

It’s something I am aware isn’t the best thing for me to do. And as self-aware as I am getting, shutting down and withdrawing is my go-to response to stress and sadness.

It’s hard to put myself out there – especially as my authentic self – when I’m feeling down, and although I am sure I’m not unique in this, it can create an awful downward spiral.

I know, through repeated feedback, that I recover better in community. But the tendency to distance myself from others when I am sad means I don’t get the support I need when I need it.

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