October 14, 2022

I did a thing! I bought a car! I have christened her Maybellene, after a friend’s turtle. She is a 2003 Honda Element, with ample room for my mountain bike, gear, and a bed. I have such a crush.

I’m pleased with my purchase. She rides pretty smooth for a toaster, the speakers sound great, and I’m looking forward to having AWD this winter. I already have a few ideas for making Maybellene into a sweet little adventure mobile, and I am really looking forward to building out my little camp setup in the coming weeks.

As you might expect, I shed a few tears as I signed over the title to Agnes. She was a comfortable, reliable, sturdy sedan, and she covered a lot of miles for me without complaint. I hope she goes on to make someone else happy soon!

That’s the smile of a woman staring into the sun proudly standing next to her new car!

The view through my new windshield over Echo Summit.
I took the dogs — Coco and Austin — out for a walk as soon as I got back into town. We were all ready to stretch our legs!
Adventure dogs!
Coco led the way home!

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