October 9, 2022

“One of your sole responsibilities as a self-aware being is to regulate your emotions and manage your reactions. Even if you do nothing else, this alone can bring you peace.” Vex King, via Instagram

I had a tough time managing my reactions today, and my afternoon was not nearly as peaceful as I’d hoped. Maybe it was the comedown from my super fun weekend. Maybe it was the accumulation of micro-annoyances over the last week. I am pretty sure my impending period, sudden sunburn, and that I ate a bag of chips and an apple for lunch did not help.

The cows of Sierraville

But at the end of the day, I am responsible for how I interact with others and how I talk to myself. And a stressful day isn’t really an excuse. Or rather, it’s just an excuse, and I would do better to check in with myself earlier and not get so waylaid by the BS that seems to knock me off course sometimes.

Delicious bibimbap in midtown Reno

Or maybe it was because I felt like I was driving into Mordor on the way home…

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