October 3, 2022

Sleeping in looks like…

Q. What is a dream you’ve let go of?

Having biological kids of my own. I’ve been blessed to be an aunt, godmother, dad’s girlfriend/stepmom, dog mom, and friend. But when I was younger, I definitely wanted to have my own children. Time and circumstances and my own choices have made that less of a possibility, and it’s just not in the cards anymore. And that’s ok.

Sure, I’ve had those pangs of regret and ‘what if?’ They usually come when I see a person of a certain age teaching a child how to ski or ride a bike; when I hold a sleeping baby; when I see kids proud to share something new with their parents. But the pangs pass. And I enjoy sleeping in. So I’ve let that dream go.

3 thoughts on “October 3, 2022

  1. You struck a deep chord with me here, which might sound surprising as I’m an adoptive mom. But your words brought up this deep memory of those same pangs when I was in my 20s and so full of idealism about the kind of parent I was going to be. Ha!
    It’s like casually running into a friend that you’ve completely forgotten about, being reminded of this dream. It’s good for me to acknowledge it. And it’s good to say goodbye.
    I had to do the same with my dream of being a professor. Only recently have I realized that that wasn’t actually my dream anyway. It was hard to say goodbye to it nonetheless, but I don’t regret a single choice that led me away from that path.

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