October 2, 2022

Today has been a mellow day. A “Sunday,” if you will. Austin and I slept in, and Jude invited me up the Heavenly Gondola with her parents and Jake. We had a lovely time walking around, taking in the incredible views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas.

The views from the mid-station Observation Deck were on point. The sky was just so. damn. blue.

Looking north past Edgewood (lower left)
Looking south towards the airport, Echo Summit, Angora Ridge, Mt Tallac, Pyramid Peak (and Tahoe Keys in the middle right of the frame)
Looking west across the lake
Peeking into Carson Valley, Nevada
Looking southwest towards Tallac, Pyramid, etc
We took Tamarack Chair up for a little walkabout. This is the view coming back down the chairlift to the lodge at the top of the Gondola.

In other news, I’m so psyched to see Matt Nathanson this week! I’ve been a huge fan since I saw him open for OAR and Train in Philadelphia with Joe, Heidi, and Sean waaaay back in the day. I cannot wait for the sing along goodness that I will be smack in the center of at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco. I am going by myself, and staying in a hostel, and I am stoked. Just freakin’ stoked.

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