October 1, 2022

This morning Caren and I took a beautiful mellow mountain bike ride through Washoe Meadows. It was Zeus’s first bike ride, and I gotta say, he’s a natural. We rode through the park, along the Truckee River, and discovered some new trails. I’m already looking forward to the next ride!

After the bike ride, I drove over to Kiva Beach for my swim. The water was bone-chillingly cold for the first minute or so… then everything went blissfully numb. A perfect cold plunge!

I’ve wanted this tattoo of Jersey’s paw print for months, and today was the day. I’m so pleased with it.

And afterwards, an invite to a friend’s for an impromptu dinner party. Such a fabulous evening — delicious food, interesting conversations, new connections, and celebrating friends near and far.

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