September 29, 2022

Today was a good day… I just didn’t take photos. I got some work done, visited with clients, and went to happy hour. Oh, and I received a lovely bouquet of sunflowers.

Q. Do you see your vision clearly, knowing it can be as fleeting as the morning dew, yet as real as the floor you walk on?

Yes. And no, but mostly yes. My vision right now is to create a life where I am present, and grounded, and take time to fly whenever the opportunity presents itself. As far as tangible milestones go, this is a moveable target.

When I am fully present, and approaching the world honestly as myself, it all works out. Pretty much everything. Pretty much every time. It’s when I feel the need to micromanage and limit my world that I lose sight of my vision and I get stuck. I get bogged down in the minutia, and pretty quickly start to question my whole existence.

Being present allows me to be open to what’s actually in front of me, and whether it’s a perfect morning coffee, an afternoon swim, or pursuing a project or gig that sets me up for six weeks, it’s all aligned with my vision.

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