September 24, 2022

Today started with coffee and donuts at Grant Street Grocery.

Clockwise from top left: vanilla ice cream, berry something, lemon mint, and banana crème. All tasty, but that banana crème was next level.

Up for an afternoon hike on Casper Mountain

Chonky caterpillar

Q. What is one previous habit I’d like to reclaim? What is one current habit of like to let go?

Easy. Daily workouts, and scrolling through Instagram.

It feels so good to move. And the more I move, the better it feels. I know this, and yet, it’s the first thing to fall off the to do list. I’ve been to the gym a handful of times, but not anything regular. I ride my bike, but again, not on the regular. I’d walked a few miles each day over the years, mostly because of Jersey, and since June, I’m really out of practice. I think it’s time to get back in the habit of working out intentionally each day.

Ugh. Instagram. I hate it. I love it. It’s empty calories for my brain and I can’t get enough. It’s the mental equivalent of eating a whole bag of chips, on autopilot. It’s time to let this one go. Just don’t start scrolling … it’s that easy… 🙄

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