September 23, 2022

The Three Travelers

What a week! We had such adventures… I can’t even wrap my head around their visit. I am so grateful and happy that I was able to share some of my beloved places — and discover new ones — with these two cool cats.

From an Aunt’s perspective, it’s been wonderful to spend time with the man that my nephew is growing into. We’ve visited over the years, but in my heart, he is still five. Which makes it hard to meet him as an adult. I definitely tripped into ‘Mother Hen’ mode a few times, but for the most part, we were able to just hang out and do fun stuff.

At times, I am overwhelmed with memories of his dad. But for all the nostalgia, Tom is his own man, with his own internal compass, and he is standing in his own truth and identity just fine. I am proud of the man he is becoming. He is a thoughtful, kind, and caring person, with dreams beyond his current horizon. The kid’s alright, for sure.

He and Andrea are both excellent road trip partners, and I hope we can travel again together soon. I’d be overjoyed to roll along the highway miles, listening to new music; to stop to see the pretty water, to wade into the river, to pet ALL the cows; to laugh, reminisce, dream, cry, and sing along.

My heart is so full. I am so blessed.

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