September 11, 2022

This morning was The Great Reno Balloon Race, and we made it down for the 5AM Super Glow Show, Dawn Patrol, and the Mass Ascension Launch. It was so fun to take a first timer (“You didn’t tell me there’d be so many people!”) and it was just lovely to be there in general. I love this event, and I love this park, and it was bittersweet to be back this year. Mostly sweet.

The Glow Show

Dawn Patrol

Mass Ascension Launch

Yep. Had to. They were amazing. I added eggs and chicken breast to stave off the sugar crash.
Roie, living her best life…

Q. What have I been sensitive to lately?

I’ve been more sensitive to how my body feels when I consider decisions or situations. There is definitely a clue in what I feel in the pit of my stomach when I think about doing/not doing, saying/not saying, etc. It’s kind of amazing to learn that my body actually functions better when I’m not pushing these somatic clues down/away. There’s a book I’ve had for a few months now, that I’ve only read the first three chapters of – “When the Body Says No – The Cost of Hidden Stress” by Gabor Maté, MD. I got really excited about it, then distracted, and then I moved on to other books, but I really think he may be on to something (lol).

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