September 10, 2022

Good morning, cultivated wildflowers!
Quick jump in the lake. Roie’s not much of a swimmer…
The aspens are starting to show signs of fall…

Q. When was the last time I truly enjoyed my own company? What was I doing?

My recent summer road trip. There were a few times where I missed having someone to share it all with, but for a good 90% of the trip I had a wonderful time whenever I was on my own — driving for long hours, stopping in random new places, staying in hostels, dining out on my own, touring National Parks… pretty much everything.

One of my interpersonal challenges is that I spend too much energy trying to manage others’ emotional responses, and very little time managing my own. At a certain level, it’s actually a strength — I generally make a good hostess, and am good in a crisis. However, I have a tendency to go overboard, causing more stress than any small comforts could offset. It was liberating to have only my own schedule and emotions to manage. With that stress removed, I felt relaxed and able to enjoy whatever the moment offered.

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