September 8, 2022

A tale of two dogs…


Q: What am I wearing when I have the best time? What do I always regret wearing?

I have the best time when I wear a helmet or nothing at all. A helmet, because it means I am doing something fun, like biking or snowboarding. And nothing, because, well, in recent years I’ve become a fan of nude hot springs and sunbathing. After an initial awkwardness, I revel in the feel of the sun on my skin, and the hot water melting away any tension. Both wearing a helmet and being nude allow me to appreciate my body’s strength and capabilities, drop deeper into my physical senses, and get out of my head. And getting out of my head is such a relief.

I always regret wearing constrictive undergarments. Sure, I’m all about creating smooth lines for fancy dresses, but boy, does my body feel it for days afterward. Like my organs have to move back into their proper places after being stuffed together in sausage casing. No thanks.

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