September 4, 2022

Flowers on my morning walk
Breakfast: bread, balsamic vinegar and oil, cheddar cheese, and peaches. On the back deck. With coffee. A great way to start the day.
We’re off on an adventure!

I met with a new dog sitting client today, and we took a group walk to see how everyone got along. They were all so mellow with each other, and we had a lovely late morning meadow romp through the meadow along the Upper Truckee River.

It was so nice to take a nostalgia tour of my old meadow. It’s still gorgeous.

The Upper Truckee River
Our (Jersey’s) old stomping grounds…
I went back to the river for my evening dip instead of braving the traffic to the beach. Utter perfection.
This bread again?! And cheese?! Yup – grilled cheese and greens with avocado and red wine. So damn good 🙂

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