August 29, 2022

The nicest spam text message I’ve ever received.
Someone got tired of me stressing at my computer this morning…
Today was a great day in spite of my best efforts to over stress. And good golly, did I sweat all the small stuff today.
Once I got here, though, it was perfect. Mellow, private, and relaxing. Hot mineral springs, cool mineral pool, and if I thought I wasn’t really a ‘baths person,’ it’s only because I’ve been doing them wrong.
Dinner at Diavola in Geyserville. Their back patio dining area – complete with ‘laundry’ along the path between the buildings – is cute as heck.
And the meal was amazing. Gnocchi, octopus, chopped salad, and dessert. Everything I saw looked and smelled incredible.
And dessert was perfect. Ricotta cheesecake with peaches and balsamic glaze, and tiramisu. So. Delicious.
I am genuinely impressed by how cold this keeps. (Thank you) Now I just need to choose my stickers…

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