July 24, 2022

Started today in my comfy room in downtown Denver. Great hostel near the ballpark and Tattered Cover bookstore.
Then on to Golden for breakfast and nostalgia.
A beautiful morning for a stroll downtown…
… before taking a short drive to check out the Triceratops Trail
Dinosaur footprints!
When you realize the place you just ate at has your initials at the front door…
It rained – HARD – over all of the mountain passes today. It was absolutely some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve driven by this whole trip. Love you, Colorado.
Stopped in Eagle, CO to dunk my feet in the river.
Just me.
Seriously. These rocks are something else…
My cabin for the night
Look! Cows!
Great day. A lot going on in my head. I’m so grateful I have the time and inclination to process some of it. All love. Good night.

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