July 19, 2021

Today was a big day. I visited The Mammoth Site, Wind Cave NP, and Jewel Cave NM before driving on to Casper, WY.

A truly impressive, if heartbreaking, quantity of mammoth remains in one place.
The bison were beautiful. I watched them from inside my car (I watch enough YouTube to know they attack tourists on foot…).
The original entrance to Wind Cave. Apparently, a very small volunteer went in this way, and advised his friends to use dynamite to make a larger opening nearby.
And they did!
Boxwork. Pretty unique to Wind Cave.
The path opened up into a larger cavern, but was pretty tight most of the way.
Located 20 miles from Wind Cave, Jewel Cave is longer, and features large open spaces as well as narrow passageways. And more than 700 steps on one tour alone.

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