July 11, 2022

Acadia National Park, Maine

I can’t really describe the feeling I have in my soul for this place. For this moment. Stepping onto the rocks and watching the sun rise steadily above the ocean, listening to the waves and the harbor buoy, and the breeze, and nothing else, took my breath away. Such reverence and peace. Totally incredible.

Driving from Seawall Campground at dawn…
Otter Cliffs. Just wow.
Walking the path along the ocean. Everywhere I looked, there was another spectacular view.
Drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain. At roughly 1500 ft, I thought ‘Mountain’ was overselling it a bit, but there are legit views from 1500 ft when everything else is at sea level.
Down to Sand Beach to sit in the sand and jump in the ocean.
My new favorite travel meal – flour tortillas, vanilla almond butter, and tart cherry preserves.
The carriage roads are amazing. Mostly shaded, well-graded, and away from the most crowded visitor spots in the middle of the day.
This IS my ‘fun’ face. It was a lot of work, riding up and down hills for 3 hours and 18 miles. The downhills were worth it, though.
All I wanted for dinner. Totally delicious.

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