May 24, 2022

Jersey Girl died peacefully on Saturday, May 21, in South Lake Tahoe, California. She spent the day sleeping in, walking along Kiva beach, and eating hot dogs, crispy Chinese noodles, and ice cream from Camp Richardson.  

A lover of couches and closets, Jersey had many hobbies. Her favorite pastime included running at top speed after a ball, returning with said ball, and refusing to drop the ball. She loved chasing squirrels, barking if her humans were too slow to get started at a trailhead, and respectfully requesting treats. She never met a snack she didn’t like, but she kept her trim figure because, as she would have told you, “My mom never feeds me.”

Jersey was always up for an outdoor adventure, no matter the mileage. In 2015, she became the 90th registered canine to complete the Tahoe Rim Trail. She explored many Sierra trails on four paws and was always up for a camping trip. She loved drinking out of mom’s Camelback on long hikes and really loved rolling in fresh horse manure at any opportunity.

As she got older, Jersey slowed down considerably. She preferred to watch squirrels from the porch instead of chasing them, and she sought out quiet corners and warm sunbeams to pass the afternoons. She still loved visiting her dog friends, especially the ones who didn’t finish their breakfast. She was a consummate clean-up artist when it came to the kibble.

Jersey will be greatly missed by many, but none more so than her mom. Through rain or shine, she loved Jersey with all her heart, and though the pain she feels without her is great, she believes that Jersey is running at top speed through a meadow after a critter, just out of sight. She’ll circle back to the trail any minute now.

Besides her mom, Georgette Hartley, Jersey leaves behind a brother, Nico Vagner; Papa, Jason Vagner; Dad, Sean Riley; Grandparents, Tom and Ginny Hartley; and many amazing friends who have loved and cared for her throughout the years.

At the wishes of Jersey’s family, give your dog an extra hug, belly rub, and treat.

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